Metrics to maximise your practice space

If you own or sub-lease medical rooms, you want to make sure your space is working as an asset. We take quick look into how to make the most of your healthcare space.

Revenue per square meter

You need to make sure that your space is working for you and knowing how much you make for every inch of your practice is helpful in deciding how much space you need when your lease is up for review.

% capacity

How often your rooms are being used everyday. You would ideally like your rooms to be full at least 90% of the time. Calculate how many hours of patient appointments divided by total hours available for each room. This data will help you make decisions on utilisation requirements.

Average waiting list time

Knowing how far in advance appointments are being made might help you make decisions on adding additional shifts. Making decisions such as these will help you utilise your space better.


Typically speaking rent should cost 5-10% of your revenue. Anymore then your space is under utilised or too expensive.

Hours or shift spaces available

If you are hiring out or subleasing rooms, know how many free rooms you have and try and fill them. Managing this on a regular basis is important to keep the rooms full and advertise available rooms when you have them.

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