Hippocamp Practice Management System

Hippocamp Practice Management System

Finding the right Practice Management System is hard.

The size of your business is usually a defining factor when as it inevitably comes down to whether you need features to be simple or flexible. But we believe we’ve found a PMS that works just as well for solo practitioners as it does for large teams. Hippocamp.org is a new player in this area, but has some powerful tools that help you improve patient outcomes and drive business objectives.


Hippocamp has been designed by Australian practitioners, who have found unique and simple ways to improve on what has become the norm in practice management. The software focuses on minimising the small repetitive tasks that add up to a lot of admin and operational time, non-billable time.


It’s cloud based, so you can take it anywhere. Simply log in from any web browser and you’re up and running, perfect for those that work across multiple clinics.

One revolutionary feature is a powerful calendar, scheduling and appointments setup. The calendar has both clinic and practitioner views. This means that reception staff can see everything that’s happening in their clinic, but a practitioner can hone in on their appointments viewing al cinches a the same time.

The Dashboards are great. Each patient has a dashboard that allows reception and the practitioner a quick overview of the patients’ history. Each user also has their own customisable dashboard that shows upcoming appointments, a task list and much more.

For teams, there are in-house appointments, which can be used for one-off, or repeated appointments, like a fortnightly catchup. The task module is handy for keeping everyone in check. You can create tasks for yourself as well as others. The system also prompts you to create tasks in a number of situations. For example, when an appointment status changes to ‘No show or Cancelled’ Hippocamp prompts you to create a call back tasks.

There is an automatically ‘rebook’ feature. If a practitioner schedule change affects an appointment, it’s added to a list that can be used to call the patient and rebook.

The SMS and Email notifications are great for appointment reminders, but they are also focussed on customer service and marketing. You can configure an SMS/Email to be sent after an appointment, which is great for staying in contact with a patient to offer more products or services.

Hippocamp handles your invoicing and payment tracking too, and has some powerful reporting that gives you some valuable business insights. IT’s capable of giving you breakdowns of appointments, invoices, billing, payments and even a banking report showing payment types for each practitioner or clinic.

If you’re already using a Practice Management System, the team at Hippocamp will assist you migrate your data if you’re moving from a different system.

There is a whole lot more to talk about, but the best thing to do is to see for yourself. There is a free 30-day trial which gives you full access to all features to see how everything works.

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